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The most relevant milestones in the history of INGEMAT are the following:

2020: INGEMAT received the “PYME del Año de Bizkaia” (Bizkaia SME of the year) award, we have won in a selection of 30 companies from Bizkaia.

2018: INGEMAT received the “Made in Euskadi 2017” award.

- April 15th, INGEMAT celebrated at its facilities in the Technologic Park of Biscay the 30th Anniversary of its foundation. The event was attended by several authorities headed by the General Deputy of Biscay, Mr. Unai Rementeria and the Minister of Economic Development and Competitiviness of the Basque Goverment, Mrs. Arantza Tapia; prominent leaders of some of our main customers (Mercedes Benz, SEAT, Gestamp, Autobox, Valiant-TMS, Tower Automotive, Kuka Systems, Fontana, Actemium...) and suppliers (Tünkers, SCA, ABB, InPro, Leoni...)

- Foundation of Ingemat NAR in Mexico, in order to support our customers in Mexico, USA and Canada.

2014: INGEMAT establishes an own sales and after sales service in China for its hemming systems in cooperation with the local company AUTOBOX / TJ ASSET.

2011: INGEMAT 25th anniversary celebration.

2003: Strategic commercial cooperation agreement in Mercosur (Brasil, Argentina) with the argentinian company Prodismo for INGEMAT’s hemming systems.

2000: Joint-Venture with Hirotec Corporation. This agreement remained in force until 2005.

2000: Opening of a technical-commercial office in Barcelona, which was active until 2005.

1998: Foundation of Ingemat Mercosur in Córdoba (Argentina). This subsidiary operated until 2003.

1996: Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the company.

1993: The King Juan Carlos I of Spain and the Queen Sofia visit Ingemat.

1992: Ingemat moves its Corporate Headquarters to the Technologic Park of Biscay.

1986: First automotive project: “Symmetric cells for welding and assembling of wheelhouses”, “Transfer line for the assembly of the Hood” and “Automatic cell for the assembly of the front central panel” of the AWE -Automobile Werk Eisenach- Wartburg model in Eisenach, former German Democratic Republic.

1986: Foundation: First Ingemat headquarter in Larrabetzu Elkartegi (Vizcaya).

Some highlights of INGEMAT:

INGEMAT has worked in projects for more than 40 OEMs.

INGEMAT has carried out projects in more than 25 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

INGEMAT’s table-top hemming technology is approved worldwide by Volkswagen Group.

INGEMAT offers its customers a sales and after sales service in its subsidiary in Mexico and local partners in China, Argentina and Brazil for the sales and afert sales services in those geographic areas.

INGEMAT has sold over 700 Hemming systems worldwide.

The installations assembled and commissioned by INGEMAT have produced more than 50 million vehicles.

INGEMAT has also completed projects for various industrial sectors, such as General Industry, Food Industry, Energy, Aeronautics, White Goods, Railway, etc

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