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Roller Hemming

The robotized hemming systems use a standard industrial robot integrated with a roller hemming head, offering a very flexible solution. This roller hemming head consists of a body, some guides and a number of rolls that are designed according to the geometry of the part in each case.

It is in principle a more simple and economic system than table-top hemming, offering a higher degree of flexibility. The roller hemming technology is valid both for parts made in steel and aluminum.

The main characteristics of INGEMAT’s patented roller hemming system are:

  • INGEMAT’s roller hemming technology can be adapted to the needs of the customer. Depending on the necessity of the project, INGEMAT offers its customers different solutions when it comes to the general configuration of the rollers: basic roller, special preparation roller for style lines or angles up to 150º in closures and up to 180º in sun-roofs
  • The roller tool standard features an effort measuring device that offers the possibility to have a full traceability of the hemming process, having access to the value of the real effort in every moment
  • Roller cleaning system: INGEMAT has developed and patented a system to clean the rollers, by removing the glue after the hemming operation and that offers two significant advantages: lower maintenance and higher installation productivity. This system is valid for all types of roller hemming equipment (including those not produced by INGEMAT)

Designing a specific tool for each product, together with the experience in programming all types of robots and the knowledge on the materials behavior, enables INGEMAT to create a hemmer adapted to the customer needs and the required production volume.

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